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Grounation Day Haile Selassie I visits jamaica 21st April 1966

Grounation Day (21st April) Marks the date Haile Selassie I visited Jamaica in 1966. The visit was the only time the Emperor visited Jamaica. A Nyabingi session, inclusive of music, chanting and prayer is held to mark the occasion. Haile … Continue reading

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Elections: Convention 2010 Discovery Bay Jamaica

Newly elected officers present in Jamaica names in order left to right: Dave Judah – Treasurer; Sis Winsome Welcome – Executive Secretary; Barrymore Tittle – 1st International Vice President; Sis Emma Young – International President; Trevor Clarke – 2nd International … Continue reading

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The Spirit of The Federation

Article from the original ‘Voice of Ethiopia’ Volume 3, Number 17 Saturday May 20, 1939 If men cannot retain and promote peace and good will in their own families how can they hope to fight successfully against an outside adversary? … Continue reading

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Interview with Haile Selassie I

From the original Voice of Ethiopia April 5, 1948 Question: Perceiving the great benefit the Ethiopian people have been able to derive from the Constitution which Your Majesty has been pleased to grant to them 27 years ago, and observing … Continue reading

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The Cause And The Man

Whoso would be happy must pin his hope and his affection to things that are immortal, things that are eternal. Whoso would court unhappiness and disappointment let him have inordinately things that are temporary, things that are fleeting. Among those … Continue reading

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