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E.W.F. Membership

ARTICLE II Membership

Section 1. The membership shall comprise the BLACK PEOPLES of the world.
Section 2. Application. Application for membership shall be in writing.
Section 3. Rejection. The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated shall have the right
to reject any application for membership without giving reasons.
Section 4. Joining fee. The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, shall have the right  to a fix a joining fee. There shall be a joining fee of One Dollar (U.S. $ 1:00). However, The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, through its Executive Council, shall have the right to grant special dispensation to certain areas and to adjust this fee to suit the conditions thereof, provided, however, that in no area the amount effected by the dispensation shall exceed One Dollar (U.S. $1.00).
Section 5. Dues. The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, shall have the right to establish membership dues. The membership dues shall be ten cents (U.S. $.10) per week. These dues shall be remitted to the Headquarters.
Section 6. Unfinancial Members. Any member who is twelve weeks in arrears in the payment of dues shall be unfinancial in the organization.

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4 Responses to Join Us

  1. Comunidad Rastafari del Ecuador says:

    Haile I hermanos y hermanas

    Saludos desde las plantaciones de banana, cacao y caña en Sudamerica, desde los palenques y quilombos aun en pie de lucha; desde la Comunidad Rastafari en Ecuador y el cimarronaje en esta porción de tierra enviamos un saludo Negro para todos y cada uno de los miembros de la Federación Mundial de Ethiopia que se encuentran realizando los trabajos de Su Majestad Imperial,luchando por la unidad de todos los africanos para crear ese futuro prospero que nos espera bajo el mandato de nuestro Emperador.
    Hermanos aun esperamos una respuesta adecuada para nosotros también ponernos al servicio de la mas grande organización negra del planeta, orgullosos de ser Ethiopes aun esperamos nuestro ansiando retorno a la casa ancestral de nuestros padres
    Selassie I
    Comunidad Rastafari del Ecuador
    Partido Panafricano del Ecuador

  2. Selam tenayestelegn. I am looking for membership and a booklet of EWF Constitution and Bylaws.


    Greetings in the loving name of our Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menan

    i have the passed tried to gain access to this here site, as i am a fully pledged member of this organization of the Negusa Negast Local 3. Please accept my Rastafari izes for the works that InI have contributed to the organization in the past and present.

    as chair of the WAU i would like for the I to set a page on this site to accommodate a International WAU page, that we can access worldwide.

    please let i know my bredren Secretariat, if you can help me to support such a page. thank you for the update of the site it is becoming more informative, more strength to the InI. Rastafari

    I await your reply to this here email.

    One Black Love
    Sista Imane ( member Carol Campbell)

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