The Spirit of The Federation

MosaicArticle from the original ‘Voice of Ethiopia’

Volume 3, Number 17
Saturday May 20, 1939

If men cannot retain and promote peace and good will in their own families how can they hope to fight successfully against an outside adversary? He who would regain the rights taken away from him by an enemy must first see to it that his own house is set in order that a deep spirit of peace and good will reigns in his own boundaries. If he secures this them he can hope to struggle successfully against the common adversary, for then his forces will be united. The principle of love will reign in his own home.

“If in the act of making sacrifice ye find that ye have aught against the Brother, cease there the gift at the altar. First be reconciled to thy brother then come and offer thy gift.”

The Ethiopian World Federation sets as one of its objectives “the promotion of love and goodwill among Ethiopians at home and abroad.” The Federation is bound and determined to promote and insist on the growth of this spirit of love among its members and among all Black peoples. The possession of this spirit is fundamental. It is an absolutely necessary antecedent to the realization of other objectives, including a place in the Sun for the Sons of Ham.

Let the Black world set up a kingdom of love and not one of force. Let a spirit of equality and fraternity reign. Let us denounce that peculiar state of living in which a minority of the people possesses all the wealth and the great majority starve. Let us remember that all Black men are brothers and cease ghting with each other.

It is written “he who would be chief amongst you let him be your servant.” Let us avoid conceit and so maintain the spirit of the Federation – internal peace, goodwill, love, humility, for we have much work to do.

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